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With social media being one of the first places your potential clients will either learn about your business or look to find further information to help them make a decision about visiting your business, it’s imperative that your social media profiles be up to snuff.

Attention spans are shorter than ever, so if you can’t provide a clear picture of what you offer, for whom, and how they can take the next step within 3 seconds, you’ve lost your shot.

That may sound dramatic, but think about it…

Have you ever tried to find information on a store’s hours, or looked to see if you could book online or even call a representative and couldn’t find anything helpful?

It seems like it shouldn’t be so difficult, and that’s because it shouldn’t!

Not only is it highly frustrating, it’s a waste of your time. You exit the screen or return to the search bar and try the next place.

We know that’s not what you want your potential clients to do either, so in this article, we’re going to break down the five essential elements that all of your social media profiles need to have so you can ensure you’re not leaving money on the table simply from not filling out your social profiles properly.

Let’s dive in!


As a business, you may think that your profile image is the easiest piece of the puzzle, but based on some of the profile images we’ve seen, that’s simply not true.

So, here are some rules of thumb:

  • If you’re a personal brand – If your business name is your name, using a bright, high-resolution picture that clearly shows your face is a great direction to go with since when someone sees your business name, they’re easily matching your face to it.

  • If you’re a “brand” name aka your brand is not your name – In this case, you’ll want to use a high-resolution image of your logo, and if your logo is too clunky and shows up as microscopic in a thumbnail, opt to use your logo icon or submark (see an example from one of our favorite brands, SC Stockshop).

Some exceptions – Generally, images of a face or logo work best for profile pictures because they create brand name recognition and recall, however, you could use an image of the interior or exterior of your space (for example, your treatment room, salon, or wellness studio)…who are we to say what you absolutely can or can’t do? However, it is crucial that the image be bright, high-resolution and clearly recognizable when viewed as a thumbnail in a newsfeed.

Ideally, we like to use those interior/exterior/lifestyle types of images for Facebook cover images, which act as a beautiful evergreen billboard for your page, especially when you’re not running timely promotions.


Typically we’ll see one of two things:

1 – A non-existant bio

2 – A hot mess bio

A non-existent bio is easy enough to fix, you simply need to add one, but a hot mess bio is worse and typically includes confusing or non-relevant information that doesn’t just miscommunicate what your business is about, but can actually be a turn-off for potential clients.

For example, if you’re an esthetician, simply listing out every service that fits within the character count of your bio doesn’t give your profile visitor a reason to continue looking further.

What you should include is your brand tagline or positioning statement (your rallying cry, so to speak) that communicates what you specialize in, who you work with, a call-to-action, and if you have space, a fun anecdote (using emojis is great for conveying personality).

Here are some examples of what this could look like for an esthetician, hairstylist, or wellness studio:


Name on Profile: Chrissy | Sapphire Spa Miami

Bio: Transforming dry + acneic skin into sparkling complexions using HydraFacial and microdermabrasion. 💎 Miami native 🌴New client specials! 📲👇


Name on Profile: Bree | Balayage by Bree

Bio: 10+ year hairstylist and colorist in San Diego specializing in natural-toned balayage and face-framing layers. 💇🏻 Now taking on new clients for fall (with a PSL in hand). 🍁

Wellness Studio

Name on Profile: Barre Fitness Atlanta

Bio: Belly up to the barre and we’ll tone up your seat 🍑 (and core and arms) in 45-minutes or less. ⏰Get your first class free. 👇

*** The down pointing emoji hands are referencing to the link in your bio (specific to Instagram). And speaking of links…


Typically, the primary link on your social media profiles should point to the home page of your website.

Often times I’ll see profiles with a link that goes directly to an appointment booking page, and the problem with that is that your potential client coming from your social media isn’t quite there yet.

They still need some additional info, they still need to learn a little more about you to see if you’ll be a good fit, and then they’ll be ready to book.

So, let’s not jump from the first date to the marriage proposal, and instead send them to the appropriate place to help them get a clearer picture that will help guide their buying decision.

Side note – On platforms like Facebook, it’s easy to keep your main website link in your profile and use additional links in individual page posts, but if you’re pointing people to various links in your bio on Instagram (maybe you’re promoting an event and sharing a new blog post), you can keep your links organized through a free tool like Linktree so that anyone who visits your profile can still follow a clear path to the information they’re looking for.


Your social profiles are the equivalent of the new Yellow Pages, so don’t skimp on contact info (just because your website link is there doesn’t mean someone doesn’t want to find your phone number quickly…make it easy for your potential client, less clicks the better!)

Make sure you have a phone number and support email filled out in your page info, and on Instagram, having a business profile is crucial since you’ll be able to save precious space in your bio and put your contact and location info on easy-to-click tabs on your profile.

Also, don’t neglect Messenger. Being accessible via Messenger for customer and client support is going to increasingly become the preferred method of communication for consumers.


Finally, your profile needs to be relevant.

All of these other elements of your successfully optimized social profile are pretty one-and-done. Some info like a link or profile picture may change occasionally, but things like your contact info typically stays the same.

It’s important that your profiles be kept up-to-date with current postings and activity to show your potential clients that you are in fact still in business.

Even if you’re not posting every day, a consistent weekly, on-brand update that provides value and/or entertainment is enough to indicate to someone who lands on your profile that you are still currently operating and servicing clients.

Of course, minimal updates will result in slower growth and minimal online traffic, but with a solid social media strategy, it’s easy to be consistent with daily social efforts that maximize your reach.

So there you have it, the five elements you need for a rock solid social media profile that is set for success. Now all you need is a strategy and content calendar!



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