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Should You Move Your Beauty Business Over to a Business Instagram Profile?

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As an independent business owner who acts as the face, and many times, the name of their brand, the topic of blending your personal and professional identities can get a bit blurry.

At the end of the day, you are you, and you may be in the camp of having a more polished professional persona than you display in your everyday life with your closest family and friends, or you may be of the thinking, “what you see is what you get.”

There’s no right or wrong approach, that all comes down to your personal comfort level with the people you deem as your ideal clients, but one aspect of your brand that absolutely needs to be professional is your Instagram.

Now I’m not talking about not sharing your personality or personal stories on your Instagram page; I’m saying that as a beauty professional, you need to have a designated business Instagram account.

Debunking the Algorithm Myth

If you keep up with social media marketing news, you may have heard speculation of the content on business Instagram accounts not being shown as much (compared to personal accounts) due to the algorithm.

This did occur with the Facebook algorithm over time; however, Instagram is currently still just as friendly to showing business account posts as it is posts from personal accounts. The most significant bearing on your reach and engagement is based on the content you’re sharing and how your audience is receiving it.

However, even though Instagram might take the same direction as Facebook in the future, you’ll still want to convert your Instagram account to a business profile now for these reasons:

Access to Insights and Analytics

Insights and analytics are crucial when putting together your social media marketing plan, without them, you’re basically running around with a blindfold on (think virtual Birdbox).

With insights and analytics, you can see what content your audience finds most interesting based on engagement on your posts (through metrics such as post likes and comments) as well as actions taken on your profile (such as website clicks, emails sent, and calls made).

As you consistently share content with your audience, your insights and analytics will provide…wait for it, insight into what types of content your audience prefers based on their patterns and trends of activity.

And with time and consistency, you can use those emerging patterns to fine-tune and tailor your strategy so that you see far above average results not just in engagement, but actual return on investment.

Ability to Create and Run Ad Campaigns

Speaking of return on investment, Instagram Ads, which are created through the Facebook Ads platform, are currently one of the best channels for paid advertising for beauty businesses.

Not only does Instagram have a highly captive audience specifically for the beauty industry, but with new sub-advertising channels within the Instagram app, such as Instagram Story Ads, there are fewer advertisers saturating the channel.

Thus, it’s still very affordable and with higher returns than you might see with Facebook Ads (but every business is different, so don’t take that as gospel, this is a broader generalization to think about as a professional in the beauty industry).

Personal accounts cannot run paid advertising, and with business account tools such as the Facebook Pixel which allows you to retarget people who have expressed interest in your brand by visiting your website, you’d be remiss not to leverage those tools in your marketing strategy.

A Wider Variety of Contact Options

Finally, business accounts on Instagram feature a broader selection of contact buttons (beyond strictly “Direct Message” with personal accounts) that make it as easy as a tap for your ideal clients to get in touch with you via calling, text or direct message, and they can easily pull up directions to your spa or salon via the “Directions” call to action button.

In addition to those buttons, you can also select a “Book” button which allows potential clients to connect with your online booking software. (Currently, Instagram supports integrations with tools including Square, GetTimely, GlossGenius, Salon Iris, StyleSeat and Vagaro.)

How to Switch to a Business Instagram Account

Go to your profile and click the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the screen.

Go to the bottom and click settings.

Scroll down to “Switch to Business Profile and follow the prompts (Note: You have to have a Facebook page for your business to have an Instagram business account, this isn’t optional.)

Then be sure to set up and optimize your profile for success!

For more tips on how to optimize your Instagram profile so that you’ll get found by the right people (aka your dream clients) and capture their attention, get our free Glow Up Your Gram Audio Series.



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