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How to Blend Your Personality Into Your Brand’s Instagram Account

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One of the biggest problems I see beauty professionals struggling with in regards to their Instagram marketing is how to “divide” their personality and professionalism on Instagram.

And I use the air quotes around “divide” because this is the commonly thought word, but we need to redefine this concept as a blend of personality and professionalism.

While it is smart to have a dedicated business Instagram account for your brand (as well as a personal account that you can feel free to post to at any time without worry of content being “on brand”), it is crucial for your audience on your business account to get a glimpse into who you are.

Yes, the focus of having a business account is to share your expertise, but you have to remember that you are the expert, so you are included in what needs to be expressed and shared, especially if you are the only professional in your business (i.e., a solo esthetician, independent hair stylist, etc.)

Here are some methods for how you can naturally intertwine your personality into your business account in a way that’s authentic and on brand, while also not blurring the lines between personal posts that should be saved for your “family and friends” account.

Find Common Threads

Common threads are how I refer to personality-driven connection points between you and your ideal clients.

For example, let’s say you’re really into wellness, and you take excellent care of yourself through your diet and exercise. You’d consider wellness a personal passion of yours.

As you continue to draw in new clients and talk with them, you find that many of your favorite or most ideal clients also share a passion for wellness. That’s a common thread.

And even though you may not be a wellness practitioner or certified wellness professional, that is still a topic that intertwines and connects you with your ideal client and can be a personal factor that you can speak to through your Instagram content.

To take that common thread example one step further, let’s pretend you’re an esthetician with an organic approach to skincare. Wellness is a natural tie-in there because our diet and lifestyle choices play a significant role in the health of our skin.

As you can see, it’s okay to weave in your personal passions and interests into your business content because it’s something you’ve identified as an interest for your ideal client, and thus it is relevant to them.

Align it With Your Brand

Regardless of the content on your business Instagram being strictly business-focused or infused with personality, all content needs to have an aligned visual aesthetic.

Not only is this important for maintaining a visually attracting presence, but it also helps put a barrier in place for those random “here’s a picture of my dog” or “here’s what I had for lunch” posts that may be better suited for your personal profile.

But again, there’s nothing wrong with those posts if they tie into a common thread, which you can help determine by asking yourself:

  • What personal topics have I determined are good for me to share as a professional who wants to be respected, liked, and trusted?

  • Are the visuals of what I’m about to share aesthetically on-brand with my business content?

Let’s explore another example (I like to run with examples because it allows for a concrete, tangible scenario and makes these tips more clearly applicable):

You’re a hairstylist who loves to travel. Exploring new cultures and destinations is a personal passion along with trying new foods, fashions, etc.

There are a lot of subtopics baked into the overall topic of travel. Find your couple of common threads and run with those for your business Instagram account.

For example, maybe you’ll leave food to your personal page, but on your brand profile, you can talk about your travel routines and travel tips, and then incorporate your expertise… like sharing go-to hairstyles for when you’re out at the beach and need to protect your hair from the sun. Or you could share a simple updo style that’s fun for a night on the town in a muggy, tropical paradise.

But not everything needs to be directly business oriented, either. You could also share your personal reflections on the destinations and new cultures you’re experiencing or the fashion inspirations you’re discovering.

Like I mentioned above, the key is a blend, not a division.

Just because you’re not a stylist, travel blogger, or a professional chef, you can have passions that fall outside your profession and still find a way to make them fit in with the overall tone and feel of your brand and connect them with your ideal client, which brings me to the last point…

Tie It Back to Your Ideal Client

How is the content you’re sharing serving your ideal client?

Is it inspirational?

Is it helpful through an educational tip?

Is it motivating?

Is it purely entertainment?

You have to decide how you’re going to categorize your personality-driven content and what filters you’re going to pass it through so that when you are planning your content or when you have a picture that you feel compelled to post, you can quickly check it against your overall brand and Instagram content strategy and know whether or not it’s something you should include based on the values and interests of your ideal client.

I know you might be thinking, “Isn’t putting so much thought into this obnoxious?”

Yes, I’ll admit, it feels a little bit obnoxious, but if you fail to put these filters in place, that’s what results in a hodgepodge Instagram presence that doesn’t look visually appealing, doesn’t resonate with your ideal client (let alone anyone specific), and causes confusion as to who you are, what you do, and why.

However, with those filters in place, creating that beautiful blend of your personality and profession will eventually become second nature, and you’ll find that you’ll not only draw in more of your ideal clients, but you’ll do so consistently.

All in all, everything about this boils down to authenticity.

People buy from people, and when you share a little bit of the deeper parts about who you are and what you value, it helps people to connect with you before they’ve even met you in-person.

And if you can achieve that, you stand a significant chance of developing the relationship from an Instagram follower into a loyal client.



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