You're a bonafide expert

with the esthetic experience and client results to back it up. You have a deep passion for what you do and a desire to build a business filled with freedom and a brand with legacy.

but You're spinning too many plates

and wearing too many hats. Digital marketing is one of those things you know you need to understand and leverage to propel your business forward, but it changes fast,

and something's gotta give.

Breathe easy, friend, that's what The Social Spa is here for! 

We deliver the digital marketing goods in a way that's smart, simple, and savvy, so you can confidently build a brand that speaks to your dream clients and customers as well as move forward in your marketing so you can get visible and start scaling your way to more sales.

Ready to accelerate your esthetic successs?

let's do this!

what we do

Self-Paced Courses and Tools

Don't you just wish someone would demystify exactly how to apply today's top marketing strategies to your esthetic business or come up with ideas for social media posts for you? Well, your wish is our command! Check out The Social Spa Shop where you'll find:

Explore our Courses and the Social Spa Shop

Self-paced digital marketing courses covering the top focus areas spa pros need to succeed

Tools and templates to help you save time, stop spinning your wheels, and start taking action 

Marketing Director for a Day

Need an intense burst of creative energy to get your web presence off the hot mess express? How about crossing off that marketing project you keep getting stuck on? How does having a Marketing Director for a day sound? Here's how we can help:

Learn more about booking a Done-for-you project

Get your project off the ground and landed, fast!

Have expert marketing eyes on your business without the drawn out, months-long timeline 

Finally wrap-up that lingering project that's been holding your business back from growing to the next level

"I was thrilled to have found Danielle because she got our business values and objectives from the get-go. I can’t believe how much she understood who we are as a brand, what we wanted, and where we’re going. After having consultations and working with other people to sort our content strategy, it was so refreshing to work with someone who very quickly made me feel like I was in good hands."

 Melissa Sinclair | Founder and Director of Big Hair Beauty

“After working with Danielle, I now have a clear layout and a cohesive feel to all my content, and immediately saw results with increased quality among client inquiries.”

Rebekah Diemert | Owner of Lemon + Honey Day Spa

"I love working with Danielle because not only is she a talent, but she also takes the time to understand my brand and message and is able to say exactly what I want to say - just in a much more poetic way. Working with her has allowed me to step back and focus on the big picture strategy of my brand, and my business would not be where it is today without her dedication and high quality of work."

Daniela Woerner | Founder of AddoAesthetics

Danielle is very easy to work with, and very receptive and responsive to questions, concerns, and suggestions. Since working with her on the content in and around my business, I've experienced increased confidence and pride in the professionalism my image and brand portrays.

Maria Hansen | Owner of Soulmate Skin Esthetics

"Danielle has been an instrumental part of our mission to raise the level of success within the esthetic industry. She helps us to share authentically, and in the tone and aesthetic that is true to our brand. I have personally learned so much from her based on how she shows up for us and not only does the work, but also shares her knowledge and teaches us all the “how to’s.” I want to shout The Social Spa from the mountaintops, you’ve helped grow and scale our business exponentially.  

 Kaelin Jutras | Founder of Herbal Skin Solutions

hey, CEO!

I’m Danielle, the Founder and Creative Director of The Social Spa. I believe that as much as technology advances and our marketing landscape changes, clients and customers will always crave unforgettable experiences that are rooted in authenticity, purpose, and delight.

At The Social Spa, we provide you with the digital marketing education, tools, and services you need to: 

- Establish your brand authority
- Attract more of your dream clients (you know, the ones who you love to serve and are fiercely loyal to your biz without blinking an eye)
- Step up your game and scale your services and retail revenue

We do this so you can confidently show up online as the expert you are and deliver an equally incredible experience in the digital realm that speaks to what your services and products can do for your customers in real life.

Want to see how we can amp up your marketing? 

Check it out!

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