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Although you may throw them under the first comment of your Instagram posts, hashtags are anything but throwaway content. With the right strategy in place, hashtags stand to drive serious traffic to your spa’s Instagram posts resulting in more attention from potential dream clients and converting that attention from scrolls into scheduled bookings. So, how do you craft a spa hashtag strategy that works? Learn how in this article.

How to Craft Your Spa’s Instagram Hashtag Strategy

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Instagram, Social Media

Gone are the days where you can post a simple snapshot on to your Instagram feed and quickly command comments and likes. The masses have adopted the platform, and the bar has risen, and if you’re using Instagram to try and bolster your business, knowing the unique nuances of Instagram and its community are vital for seeing success in the form of increasing inquiries and bookings for your spa.

The 4-Step Guide to Successful Instagram Marketing for Estheticians

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As a beauty or wellness professional, showing the visuals of your work is crucial for having potential clients envision themselves as your client, however, only posting client before-and-after shots doesn’t provide you with the mix of content that will effectively build your know, like, and trust factor, infuse your personality into your profile, or compel your potential clients to scroll further. Here’s a simple method that will help you break out of the client before-and-after box.

A Go-To Method for Going Beyond the Sea of Client Before-and-After Shots

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Instagram, Social Media

You post everyday, have your booking link connected in your bio, but the bookings aren’t rolling in. Here’s why selling doesn’t work on Instagram, and what you really have to do to get more inquiries through Insta.

Why You Have to Stop Selling On Instagram to Get More Sales from Instagram

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Instagram, Social Media

You don’t need to “divide” your personality from your professionalism on Instagram, you need to learn how to blend it. People buy from people, but there are ways to ensure you’re keeping your personality-driven content on brand. Here’s how…

How to Blend Your Personality Into Your Brand’s Instagram Account

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Instagram, Social Media

Struggling to commit to using Instagram consistently or strategically for your brand? Here is the solid proof of potential payoff plus my top tips for getting found by your ideal client.

Why Every Spa Owner and Esthetician Needs to be Marketing on Instagram

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